Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

How to Perform a Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

To reset a phone is to set it into the state it was when it came from the manufacturer. Imagine your Alcatel 995A has become frozen and cannot be powered on or off. Before you start thinking of buying a new phone or tablet, try the hard reset procedure to see if it will fix the problem.

Before you begin, be sure to:

  • Charge the battery.
  • Back up important data.

The SIM and SD cards should be taken out the phone again to avoid data loss.

After doing a hard reset on your phone you will lose all data stored on the phone. Backing up data such as files, images, pictures, and contact information to an external device or computer will keep your information safe.

So let us assume that you have realized that your Alcatel One Touch 995A cannot power on. What can you do to hard reset it?

Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

  • Make sure that your battery is charged and not damaged. This could be the cause of not being able to turn your device on or off. If the battery is damaged, purchase a new one.
  • Remove the phones battery and the SIM card, reinstall them, and try to power on again
  • If the phone still does not power on, press and hold the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons at the same time. Release them after 2 vibrations.
  • Go to the Main Menu and then select the Menu
  • Select Restore Default Settings.

Your phone has now completely undergone a hard reset and you will be able to power on now. Any data saved in the phone will be lost permanently, which includes photos, contacts, files, messages, and downloaded applications such as java games.

If the process does not work, you can try the general procedure used to reset any Alcatel phone.

The process is simple.

  • Make sure the power is Off.
  • Press and hold the POWER and # key at the same time.
  • The device will ask if you really want to continue and include a warning about data loss. Select Yes.
  • The phone will begin formatting.

Do not remove the phone’s battery during the process as this may damage your device.

Do you need additional help or have other suggestions for resetting an Alcatel phone? Let us know.

One thought on “How to Perform a Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch 995 A

  1. Hans Schwabe

    Just tried to Hard reset my alcatel OT 995 three or four times exactly as you suggest, but it still only progresses to the start up chime -and not even that to the end – and then it is frozen again at ‘ your world at one touch’. Anything else I should try?? Thank you for your time!


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