Hard reset Alcatel 2004G

Hard reset Alcatel 2004G

When your Alcatel 2004G becomes unefficient or doesn’t perform as expected,a hard reset can be performed to bring it back to its factory default stage bringing the phone back to its normal operations.

In this process there are certain important things required to be noted:
-that all the data, downloaded settings and apps will be deleted during the reset.

Therefore,make sure all documents,photos,music and other data which are very important should be backed up elsewhere from the device preferably external storage.

The hard reset Alcatel 2004G procedure involves;

#1.Turn off the phone set.

#2.press and hold the power and up volume button simultaneously till reset interface appears.

#3.Scroll and select the desired used language.

#4.Touch wipe data or factory reset.

#5.Touch yes therefore removing all user data.

#6.The gadget will wipe all data content.

#7.Select reboot system now.

#8.Lastly the phone reboots itself automatically to its initial setup screen state.

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