Hard Reset HTC Desire 326G

How to Hard Reset HTC Desire 326G

Android Smartphones may sometimes encounter problems that need hard resetting. Hard resetting is effective when one forgets their password, device malfunctions or when removing user data. The following is a tutorial on how to hard reset the HTC Desire 326G to factory default settings.

Hard Reset HTC Desire 326G Using Hardware Key Buttons

1. Ensure the battery is fully charged

2. This procedure can be done whether the phone is off or not.

3. Press Power Button and Volume Down Button at the same time for a few seconds

4. When a fast boot mode appears on the screen, release the buttons

5. Scroll using the Volume Down Button and select Factory Reset

6. Press Power Button to confirm

7. Wait until the process is complete. Your phone will automatically reboot


Hard Reset Using Software Menu Settings

1. Switch on the phone

2. Ensure the battery is fully charged

3. Select Menu>Settings>Storage>Factory Data Reset

4. Select Reset Phone and then choose Reset everything

5. The phone will factory reset to default


Hard Reset Using Security Key Code

There is a process of hard resetting HTC 326G using a code used for special formatting operations.

1. Go to Dial Pad

2. Key in *2767*3855# 0r *#*#4636#*#*

3. Press Call Button

Note: When hard resetting, all data will be erased from your device. Ensure that you back up your data before you begin the process.



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