Hard Reset HTC Evo

How to do Hard Reset HTC Evo Smartphone

A hard reset is used on a mobile device to erase all of its configuration settings. This type of reset should be performed on the HTC Evo in order to return its configuration settings back to the original manufacturer’s defaults.

There are a few reason you might want to perform this type of operation on your smartphone. If the HTC Evo is being sold or traded, then the owner should make sure that all of their personal information has been successfully removed from the smartphone. This would require the owner to backup all of their data to an external memory source, so that it can be retrieved if it is still needed later. Failure to back up the data will result in a complete loss of information as this operation is destructive and cannot be undone once executed. Other instances for performing a hard reset may include the overall degradation of the HTC Evo’s performance due to downloaded applications and intrusive adware or to just the need to reconfigure the smartphone from square one. The following steps provide the information needed to perform this action on the HTC Evo smartphone.

 How to Perform the HTC Evo Hard Reset:

  1. Hold the phone in your palm (screen up), and depress the power button located at the top left-hand corner of the device for about 5 seconds to fully power down the device.
  2. On the right-hand side of the phone, using your right thumb, depress the volume down button.
  3. While still depressing the volume down button, simultaneously press and hold the power button using your left index finger.
  4. After 3 seconds a white boot screen menu will appear. You no longer need to hold down both buttons and can release them at this time.
  5. In order to navigate through the device’s menu options, you will have to use the up/down volume keys located on the right side of the phone.
  6. Use the volume down button to scroll down to the Clear Storage menu item.
  7. Press the power button one time.
  8. The following information will display on the screen: Delete all user data?
  9. Press the volume up button one time to accept.
  10. The device will read Clear…, followed by a few other prompts before rebooting. This process should take between 2-4 seconds.
  11. The HTC EVO 4G screen will now appear.
  12. Once the reboot is complete, slide your finger downwards across the screen to unlock it.
  13. The Using the Onscreen Keyboard screen followed by several other initial notification or configuration screens will appear. You can use the return arrow to exit out of each screen for now.
  14. A Loading… screen will now appear. Once complete, the default home screen will be displayed along the default clock.

Congratulations, the HTC Evo hard reset was a success! The device has now been cleared and restored to the manufacturer’s original settings. It is also ready to be reconfigured or handed over to its new owner without the risk of residual data being found on the device.

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