Hard Reset Motorola Moto X

How to Hard Reset Motorola Moto X

Sometimes one may have encountered performance issues with their Motorola Moto X. one way of eliminating such issues is by factory resetting it. Resetting Moto X means deleting all the personal files on it. However, this does not mean that one cannot recover them anymore. A secure wiping app can be used to safeguard the security of personal stuff. There are two ways one can reset your Moto X

How to Hard Reset Motorola Moto X

  1. Do it in the phone’s settings

Here, one will have to go to settings, tap on the backup and reset, tap on the factory data reset and then reset the phone.

  1. Another way one can hard reset your Motorola Moto X is by following the steps below.
  •  Turn off the device
  •  Press the volume down button for three seconds and then power it and release. It displays Boot options, and the volume down is used to scroll and highlight the recovery option. The volume up key will enable one to select the recovery option.
  • In case the device takes too long to boot, and then one can repeat the process.
  •  The Motorola logo will show then a broken Android logo
  • As it does this one should keep pressing the volume up for about ten of fifteen seconds. The next step is to tap and release the power button.
  •  What follows is to reset the phone by selecting the factory data reset and then selecting it using the power key.
  •  After the formatting is over, then one can restart their phone.

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